Postdoctoral position: development of a new methodology for single molecule microscopy of fluorescently-labeled nucleic acids

  • Post-doc / Ingénieur de recherche
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The aim of this multidisciplinary postdoctoral position is to develop a new methodology to perform single-molecule fluorescence microscopy on nucleic acids. This methodology is based on a combination of three advanced experimental tools and techniques: i) the use of fluorescent nucleoside analogues that fully preserve the structure and functions of the labelled sequences, ii) the use of specially designed nanoparticles that will amplify the fluorescence emission of the labelled sequences and iii) a home-made single-molecule microscopy set-up optimized for this application. The hired postdoc will be in charge of the synthesis of the selected fluorescent nucleoside analogues, their phosphoramidite, and characterization of the labeled oligonucleotides. He/she will also be involved in the preparation of nanoparticles and immobilization of the labelled oligonucleotides  on their surface. Next, he/she will perform single-molecule experiments with the already built-up microscope and find out the best conditions for an optimized signal. Finally, this methodology will be applied to investigate at the single-molecule level the base flipping process of UHRF1, a key epigenetic protein involved in the faithful duplication of DNA methylation pattern. Some flexibility within the project can be discussed to match the background and interests of the successful candidate.

The project will be carried out at the Laboratory of Bioimaging and Pathologies of the University of Strasbourg, in close collaboration with a research group from the University of Technology of Troyes.

Candidates should preferentially have a PhD in chemistry or biophysics. Good experience in the synthesis, characterization and applications of fluorescent dyes or nanoparticles is highly desirable. Skills in fluorescence microscopy techniques would be an asset.  Strong motivation for working at the chemistry/physics and/or chemistry/biology interfaces is needed.

Application deadline for this position is October 31th 2023. The ideal start date is January 2024, but there is flexibility. To apply, send your CV and a short motivation letter including the contact details of at least one reference to Pr Yves Mély:

The initial contract will be for one year, and can be extended for a second year after a positive evaluation. Salaries and contract conditions will be in accordance with the French regulations, and include health insurance.

To apply for this job email your details to