PhD position in cell biology & 3D microscopy imaging

We are offering a PhD position in cell biology, imaging & image processing for 36 months in the area of plant sciences at the University of Zürich, Switzerland. The position is built on (i) a research project contributing knowledge towards elucidating chromatin-based controls of plant reproduction and (ii) a secondment in an image analysis software company (Bitplane AG) in the area of scientific application & communication. The project is part of a EU-funded PhD programme in Science & Policy (RESPONSE DP, see below)

The applicant should have experience in fluorescence microscopy imaging (3D confocal microscopy and alike) and image analysis as well as a genuine interest in learning advanced approaches in the field. Experience in Imaris-based image processing is not necessary but an asset.  Applicants with experience in animal cell biology are welcome (training in plant sciences is not a must; but interest of the field should be shown).

Experimental approaches include fresh tissue preparation and imaging of live reporters, whole-mount immunostaining and imaging, focusing on plant reproductive structures (in young flower buds) labelled for chromatin, cell boundary and cell wall components. Functional analysis of a set of mutants impaired in chromatin controls and ovule growth will determine the impact of candidate pathways on female germline initiation.

The candidate should have a real motivation and interest in working with an image analysis software company to develop competences in the field of scientific application & communication. The internship includes training and interaction with both the R&D and marketing/application specialists.



2.    Baroux’ lab:

3.    Bitplane, AG:

Application: Science & Policy doctoral programme, see details on the Link (1) above.

For questions about the project: Célia Baroux,

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