Taking into account the evolution of the health situation and the constraints imposed both in terms of travel and local organization, we have to postpone the MiFoBio2020 thematic school.

While waiting for a return to a situation where face-to-face meetings such as MiFoBio are possible, we propose to valorize the already existing implementation of the school’s program, by organizing actions gathering a smaller number of participants in face-to-face meetings and/or using the current means of distance participation. We hope that different formats of actions can be put in place in order to continue to animate our community around biological imaging, despite the current constraints. For those who would like to contribute to such animation activities, please fill in the form available just below:

2021 scientific animation proposals (events / modalities / ...)

  • Vous avez ici des réponses prédéfinies, mais aussi la possibilité de proposer d'autres actions dans des paragraphes libres ci-dessous