Postdoc position on super resolution imaging of the sarcomere

Understanding muscle development requires insight into how individual sarcomeric proteins come together to construct a sarcomere. In this project, we will combine recent super resolution Single Molecule Orientation and Localization Microscopy (SMOLM) developed at I. Fresnel with novel nanobody labelling strategies and deep learning, established at IBDM, to analyse the 3D spatio-temporal conformational dynamics of key sarcomeric proteins during sarcomere assembly in Drosophila flight muscle. This approach will reveal when and how the different proteins acquire their high molecular order, which will provide a molecular-scale readout of conformational changes required for sarcomere assembly.

The candidate should be a physicist with a strong experience in optical microscopy and data analysis applied to biology. As he/she will work together with biologists and physicists in the Brasselet and Schnorrer groups, previous experience with biological samples is recommended. The candidate will be guided to label sarcomeric proteins for polarized super resolution imaging of fly muscles, and will profit from the complementary expertise of both teams. The candidate will bring his/her knowledge on data processing, data analysis and will get support to develop deep learning analysis tools.

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