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  • Post-doc / Ingénieur de recherche
  • Paris

A 18 months postdoctoral position is available at the Chemistry Department of Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS, Paris). The project, funded by Sorbonne University and the French National Research Agency (ANR), relies on a collaboration between A. Espagne, L. Jullien, T. Le Saux from the group «Physical and Biological Chemistry of Living Matter» at ENS with expertise in dynamic contrast fluorescence imaging [1-5] and time-resolved spectroscopy of fluorescent proteins,[6] and E. Beaurepaire, W. Supatto from the Laboratory Optics and Biosciences at Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau) with expertise in advanced microscopies [7,8], and J. Livet from the Institut de la Vision (Paris) with expertise in developmental neurobiology and genetic engineering [9].

The candidate will characterize and exploit new photoreactions in fluorescent proteins with one- and two-photon excitation. He/she will implement new protocols of fluorescence imaging in confocal microscopy and light sheet microscopy, which exploit the dynamics of these reactions.


Starting date is flexible from September 2021. Net salary: 2600 €/month.


Candidates should hold a PhD in physical chemistry or biophysics and have a solid background in photophysics and photochemistry and a taste for fluorescence imaging. A former experience in fluorescence microscopy (especially confocal microscopy or light sheet microscopy) will be appreciated.


To apply, please send a detailed resume including list of publications, the names of at least two referees and a brief motivation letter to the scientific coordinators of the project, Dr. Thomas Le Saux ( and Prof. Ludovic Jullien (



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