Optical Engineer for Neurophotonics

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  • Ingénieur, assistant-ingénieur, technicien
  • Post-doc / Ingénieur de recherche
  • Bordeaux

Open Position for Optical Engineer in Neurophotonics in Bordeaux

The Nägerl team (https://www.iins.u-bordeaux.fr/NAGERL) has an open position for an optical engineer to help build, improve and use super-resolution STED fluorescence microscopes. The objective is to provide technical support for our efforts to visualize neuronal microanatomy and extracellular space in the mouse brain in vivo. We are looking for someone with relevant experience in optics and a high affinity for technology and microscopy.

The job is part of a ERC-Synergy project with a longer-term perspective and a dynamic workplace environment in a European research center for neuroscience and photonics (https://www.bordeaux-neurocampus.fr/en/, https://light-st.u-bordeaux.fr).



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Contact: valentin.nagerl@u-bordeaux.fr


To apply for this job email your details to valentin.nagerl@u-bordeaux.fr