Ingénieur d’études : Création base de données d’images médicales

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  • Ingénieur, assistant-ingénieur, technicien
  • Dijon

Context: The engineer will work in the ImViA laboratory at the University of Burgundy. The project ACCECIT (Automatic Classification of Cardiac Examinations after Contrast agent InjecTion) is funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR). The aim of the project ACCECIT is to combine automatically information from LGE (late gadolinium enhancement) and T1 mapping cardiac MR images, detect areas of fibrosis or abnormal tissues and to automatically classify the different cardiac pathologies.

Position description: the recruited engineer will be in charge of the development of a software to facilitate the management and the access to the database. He will also collect the data in the different hospitals collaborating to this project (Dijon, Marseille)

Candidate profile :

–       Master degree in informatics and databases and/or bio-informatics

–       Programming skills

–       Dynamism, rigor and teamwork abilities

Knowledge in medical imaging would be appreciated

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