Post-doctoral engineer in biomedical imaging analysis

Intensive – Digital Intelligences at the Service of Engineering for the Living at the University of Limoges

Building on a multidisciplinary dynamic, the University is running an inter-institute project on Life Engineering, in order to integrate a complete value chain combining scientific and technological aspects with societal and legal dimensions.
The current challenges in Engineering for the Living cover very broad disciplinary fields which aim in particular to:

1. Improve prevention (i.e. earlier diagnosis, more inclusive, multimodal),
2. Improve the quality and sustainability of care (i.e. support for the practitioner, selectivity and traceability of treatments),
3. To increase the performance of the subjects (i.e. « augmented man »).

In this context, the Intensive project targets the fields of imaging as an exploratory approach including several modalities (multiphoton spectral imaging, CARS, electron microscopy, etc.) associated with clinical data. All of this data will be analysed using artificial intelligence approaches with the aim of isolating new specific signatures of pathologies and developing a tool at the service of practitioners, patients and researchers. This medicine, which tomorrow will be more predictive, personalised or precise, must be supported in the legal field to guarantee respect for fundamental human rights.

We are recruiting a post-doctoral engineer for a period of 12 months. This person should have a PhD in biomedical image or data analysis, image processing or artificial intelligence.

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