Assistant Engineer position in cell biology, IGDR, Rennes, France

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  • Ingénieur, assistant-ingénieur, technicien
  • Rennes

The recruited assistant engineer will be an integral part of the on-going research project, funded by the ANR and focused on the study of the regulatory role of microtubule rigidity in cell division. Thus, he/she will participate in the work carried out so far on the nematode with experiments on human cells. The scientific objective will therefore be to reveal division defects (spindle positioning, chromosome segregation) upon impairments of proteins known to regulate the microtubule flexural rigidity. In particular, the assistant engineer will begin this study in the context of human cancerous cells displaying deregulated expression of the proteins of interest. Therefore, the technical objective will be to generate the cell lines necessary for the study and image them using an autonomous microscope to avoid the cell synchronization step. Finally, the assistant engineer will devote part of his/her time to experiments performed using the C. elegans nematode.

The assistant engineer will be under the direction of Dr. Hélène Bouvrais (CRCN CNRS) and will be supervised and supported in the analysis of his/her results and the planning of his/her work. He/she will be trained by the team in the different analysis tools (e.g. tracking the spindle poles), in the culture of C. elegans and in the use of the autonomous microscope. He/she will also find help with cell culture via the IGDR technical facility and with fluorescence microscopy from the engineers of the microscopy facility.

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